Tuesday, July 25, 2006

What are the del.icio.us tags in your sidebar?

Del.icio.us is a collection of favorites, and functions like a bookmark menu that is external to your computer. When you tag (or bookmark) your favorites on de.icio.us, you can access them from any computer; at home, at the office or on your sister's computer when visiting her in Canada. You can also share your favorite bookmarks with others.

"del.icio.us tags" on Izmir Blog is a compilation of links (using tag words to access them) to Izmir-related sites.
A tag will take you to a list of links it is attached to. Similarly, each link has a few tags. For example, if you click "Association", you may find a link to a IWAI, that you could also reach if you had clicked on "International" or "Expat". It sounds confusing if you've never used del.icio.us - but give it a go, and you'll see it's pretty easy.

For more on del.icio.us, go to the Del.icio.us website


jsn said...

i went to that website and create account but is not that easy:) how can you add it to your blog?:(

Izmir Blogger said...
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Izmir Blogger said...

Hello Jsn,

To add your tags to your blog from del.icio.us:
Go to the del.icio.us website
Go to your account there
Click "help" (top right)
Click tagrolls (under Blog Integration, bottom right) - there you will be able to view your tags, select the colors and size of fonts, and get a html code to integrate (copy paste) into your blog.
N.B. Every once in a while, when you have added more bookmarks in your del.icio.us account, redo the steps above so that your blog aways contains the latest tags.

Html is not allowed in comments, so I can't send you the link to a really good explanation... but if you're the same person who e-mailed me then you've already got it... If not, send me an e-mail and I'll reply to you with the link.

I hope this heleped - good luck!

Thanks for reading & I'm glad you like the tags! ;-)