Thursday, August 10, 2006

How to post a comment?

At the bottom of each post, or article, you will see three links (in orange). To read comments, or leave a comment of your own, click on "COMMENTS".
Clicking on "Comments" will open a pop-up window, with a space for you to type your comment.
Then tick "Other" or "Anonymous" (unless you are a Blogger) and insert the name of your choice (in the example below "Jo") Please note, all fields are optional.
If you scroll down a bit you will see that you are asked to type in some funny looking characters. This is to make sure the comment is generated by a person and not a computer. Type in the letters as you see them.
By pressing "Publish" or "Preview" you can chose to preview your comment (to see what it will actually look like, or edit it if need be) or publish it.
That's it! Your comment will appear below the other comments related to the same post like this:

Congratulations! You did it!

Update (18.09.2006)
After having been informed that some of you had been trying to post comments but were unable to (Groan), we've changed the settings so that the "comments section" no longer opens as a pop-up window...and you CAN COMMENT once again.
Thanks to those who pointed this out!
Happy commenting, people, and thanks for visiting.


mariona said...

Hello everybody!
I'm writing a message now becausei plan to come to Turkey from France, not for a trop but to live at least few months.
I know my turkish is not qite good so I can't find a very good job in tourism but I will learn it there.
So, I'm now looking for a small job like nanny or others in Izmir.
I can speak french, english and spanish.
If anybody has idea or something to propose, thank you for your help..
Mariona (

Anonymous said...

Hi Mariona :)

are you still in izmir??
if so would like to hear from you