Friday, August 18, 2006

Your feedback

We wanted to share some of the feedback we've received. Please note, last names and/or e-mail addresses have been blurred so as to protect privacy.
We'll be adding to these - hopefully - so check back soon.

Thank-you for the encouraging and kind words, people! Always good to read!

To read the e-mails, just click on the pics to enlarge them.



Check out Idil's blog at Ignore me if you can




The above was copy/pasted from Turkey is typing posted July 22nd 2006 by Deborah Ann Dilley who writes for Global Voices Online on Turkey


Thursday, August 10, 2006

Links & Colors

At Izmir Blog we like colors! If it's orange or blue then you can click on it and it will take you places!

The links on this site are orange -except third party links like the expatblog icon, the Turkey in the news/ in the blogosphere feeds, and the icon).

How to recognize a link?
Links in the text, titles or icons should change color slightly when you hover over them, or change the apperance of your mouse pointer.

How can I find the URL of a link?

To see the URL (or address) of a particular link, just scroll over it (place your mouse over the colored text or image) and read the URL in the bottom left corner of your browser window. Alternatively you can right click (Ctrl-click on Apple) on the link for more options.

How to post a comment?

At the bottom of each post, or article, you will see three links (in orange). To read comments, or leave a comment of your own, click on "COMMENTS".
Clicking on "Comments" will open a pop-up window, with a space for you to type your comment.
Then tick "Other" or "Anonymous" (unless you are a Blogger) and insert the name of your choice (in the example below "Jo") Please note, all fields are optional.
If you scroll down a bit you will see that you are asked to type in some funny looking characters. This is to make sure the comment is generated by a person and not a computer. Type in the letters as you see them.
By pressing "Publish" or "Preview" you can chose to preview your comment (to see what it will actually look like, or edit it if need be) or publish it.
That's it! Your comment will appear below the other comments related to the same post like this:

Congratulations! You did it!

Update (18.09.2006)
After having been informed that some of you had been trying to post comments but were unable to (Groan), we've changed the settings so that the "comments section" no longer opens as a pop-up window...and you CAN COMMENT once again.
Thanks to those who pointed this out!
Happy commenting, people, and thanks for visiting.